How the 'Slow Ed Tech Movement' Is Bringing a Sense of Purpose to Academic Technology

Campus Technology: When Educause named Ohio State University's Liv Gjestvang a winner of its "Rising Star" award for 2017, it noted her involvement with the OSU Digital Storytelling program, which teaches faculty to share their stories and increase the visibility of their academic work, as well as Ohio State's Digital First initiative, which develops digital content to transform teaching and learning.

That breadth of work is key in the field of ed tech, according to Gjestvang, who serves as OSU's associate vice president of learning technology. In a Future Trends Forum video chat last week with futurist Bryan Alexander, she spoke about the idea of expanding the definition of what academic technology leaders address. "When I think about it, we would be only halfway successful if we created a great learning experience in the classroom," she said. "When the students are so digitally connected, the other half involves developing models for engagement and resilience that allow people to live lives that are meaningful, effective and healthy. That is the other half of our work, the deeper piece. All of those things need to be part of the equation."

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