Just 36 Teachers Across U.S. Graduated in 2016 Ready to Teach CS

THE Journal: In 2016, a total of 36 new teachers graduated from an American university ready to teach computer science. Texas produced the largest number of them — 15. Forty-one states didn't graduate a single new teacher prepared to teach CS. In spite of a national emphasis on the importance of computer science, just a third of high schools (35 percent) teach the subject. The outlook is worse for schools in rural areas or that have higher percentages of under-represented minority or poorer students. That's the picture offered in "2018 State of Computer Science Education: Policy and Implementation," a new report produced by the Code.org Advocacy Coalition and the Computer Science Teachers Association. The advocacy group brings together 50-plus industry, non-profit and other organizations to advocate for the addition of CS as a core part of K-12 education.

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