Public-only cloud computing not living up to the hype

Federal Times: The results of an independent, blind survey of 150 federal defense and civilian information technology decision makers conducted by Nutanix and Market Connections found the public-only approach to cloud computing is not as great as initially anticipated.

The public cloud, according to respondents, is unsuitable for certain workloads. The three least suitable applications were found to be: financials, according to 43 percent of respondents; custom or mission specific applications, with 36 percent; and human resources applications, with 34 percent.

In addition, the survey indicated a reluctance to transfer information to the public cloud. This reluctance stems from various concerns including data-ownership and privacy, a concern that 48 percent of respondents reported; security risks, concerning for 71 percent of respondents; and unpredictable costs, a concern for 19 percent of respondents.

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