To better fight crime and terror in the digital era, the FBI seeks top STEM graduates

Federal Times: WASHINGTON ― The field of opportunity for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) graduates continues to grow thanks to the FBI’s increased recruitment efforts.

Special Agent Avatar Lefevre runs a cyber-skills recruitment unit within the FBI’s Human Resources Division. For him, the digital landscape will be the setting for future bouts with terrorism, espionage and crime, thus necessitating the need for exceptional STEM-based employees across the whole of the bureau.

“If the FBI doesn’t recruit and train the best qualified people in the STEM fields, our adversaries will undoubtedly gain an advantage” Lefevre states. “And that applies not just for special agents, but also analysts, engineers and a variety of scientists and other professionals who help solve crimes through the analysis of DNA, fingerprints, trace evidence and other cutting-edge methods.”

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