FedRAMP Tailored service baseline available for use

Fifth Domain: FedRAMP recently announced the availability of their FedRAMP Tailored baseline program, designed to expedite and streamline the process for low risk systems like collaboration tools, project management applications, and tools for developing open-source code.

The tool for cloud service providers was finalized after two rounds of public comment on the program.

“We think the goals for FedRAMP Tailored address these cases that are low risk for use — focusing on services like collaboration tools, project management, and open-source development,” the FedRAMP PMO said in a post on its site. “The FedRAMP Tailored baseline provides a minimum set of security control requirements. As always and required by law, agency authorizing officials have the ultimate responsibility of determining if additional security controls are required to remain in compliance with agency-specific policies, procedures, and their own risk tolerance. However, we believe the FedRAMP program, including our goals for Tailored, is a key part of issuing an informed, risk-based authority to operate.”

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