Census CIO Kevin Smith: How IT is changing the bureau and the count

Federal Times: The 2020 census will be here shortly, and the Census Bureau’s new CIO, Kevin Smith, is charged with making sure the technology is there to support this effort. Smith sat down with Federal Times to talk about the new technologies Census will be fielding and what this means for the rest of the bureau.

What was your first priority when you got to Census?

Well, the first priority was a good understanding of what was going on within the organization as well as what was going on with the technology for the 2020 census.

I found a lot of things happening, a lot of things going on to meet some schedules for operational tests of the census and I saw a lot of great things moving toward people taking the right decisions to move stuff toward cloud and toward appropriate technologies to support the Census.

My priority for the 2020 census was first off to make sure that the technology was sound and secure and going to be successful.

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