Connecting the Digital Justice System - Protecting communities through real-time justice information sharing

Delivering a single view of real-time data to support justice and public safety decisions requires state-of-the-art technology. At the heart of our standards-based solution is the world’s fastest information exchange engine.  Within the court system, responsibilities range from docketing the court calendar to prosecuting to defending the accused to judging and sentencing. The data to support these myriad activities means you need to be able to quickly pull together information on citations, motor vehicle records, crime lab results—as well as the schedules of dozens of people. Beyond administering justice proceedings, you’re increasingly expected to improve the quality of justice, access to justice, and public trust and confidence in courts through what the private sector would call customer relations management.

Check out how Software AG can support every step of your justice environment – from Entry into the system to Corrections! Download this complimentary infographic.

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