How to combat government fraud, waste and abuse: A focus on government programs

It’s no secret that fraud, waste and abuse in all levels of governments is a problem—and a big one. To some extent it is not surprising. Just think about the sheer number of different types of entitlement, healthcare and grant programs that exist at federal, state/provincial and local levels. Not to mention the complexity of the eligibility rules surrounding them. Trillions of dollars of payments are made to hundreds of millions of recipients. And similar size sums are collected from similar numbers of taxpayers. Inevitably, mistakes will be made. Just as inevitably, some people are going to abuse the system and make fraudulent claims and evade taxes.

Government activities and programs at all levels are so comprehensive and cover so many areas, often overlapping between levels, that the potential for different types of fraud, waste, and abuse seems almost unlimited.

This eBook will cover:

  • Fraud prevention across various government programs and payment areas
  • Five applications of technology and how technology can make a real difference in the ongoing challenge of keeping fraud, waste and abuse under control
  • How to use Human Data as an effective method to fight fraud
  • The logical steps in an overall approach to addressing the problem

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