How to combat government fraud, waste and abuse

It is no secret that government bodies around the world face an enormous problem in fraud, waste, and abuse, often taking place within government programs such as unemployment insurance, healthcare, and social security. Others take place within major contract procurement systems for the military, transportation infrastructure, and education. Improper payments can occur in a wide range of ways and in the vast majority of systems


Even in the most complex system with many millions of transactions and massive monetary amounts involved, a data trail of every instance of any improper payment exists in some way or another. This is where technology, specifically data analysis software, has a critical role to play.

By analyzing entire populations of transactions and associated data to look for a variety of indicators of fraud, waste, and abuse, data analysis can identify where problems have occurred. Once the nature, extent, and details of the problems are known, it is then possible to address them and plan to prevent their recurrence.


This eBook will show you how to use technology to effectively combat government fraud, waste and abuse today.

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