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Identity Fraud Prevention For Government Agencies

Thu, November 6th, 2014 at 2:00pm EST

Statistics imply that everyone will have their identity compromised within their lifetime, and those stolen identities will be used to commit fraud, often targeted at government programs. Agencies need to protect their programs and taxpayers against these identity schemes. With...

Freeze the Footprint: Tips and Best Practice Advice for Facility Utilization, Space Management, and Compliance for Government Agencies

In March of 2013 the Obama administration continued its drive to economize on federally owned real estate by announcing a "Freeze the Footprint" policy for federal real estate.  This guidance clarified the administration's policies as announced in the "Real...

Spreading Virtualization Across the Military: Current Initiatives and Best Practice Advice

Legacy IT silos once built to support hardware-specific operations are draining resources and preventing U.S. military organizations from optimizing support for warfighters around the globe. This is why military organizations have mandated the expansion of virtualization across servers, networks and...