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IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis for Defense Intelligence

The IBM® i2® National Security and Defense Intelligence solution was designed to enable defense and national security organizations to efficiently and effectively carry out inter-operable intelligence exploitation.

IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis for Cyber Intelligence

Don't let cyber criminals steal your data, exploit your resources or damage your reputation. Learn how IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis can help you fortify your cyber security measures by uncovering hidden connections and threats, buried in disparate data sets, in near real-time.

IBM Counter Fraud and Improper Payments for Government

The IBM® Counter Fraud Management and Improper Payments for Government solution is designed to help agencies avoid the ‘pay and chase’ scenario by intercepting transactions in real time that are potentially fraudulent.

The cost of network downtime!

Tradeoffs between supplemental UPS batteries and standby generators are discussed, including a total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis to help identify which solution makes the most economic sense.  Download this whitepaper, then call GovConnection at 800-800-0019 to learn more.

How Secure Is Your Organization?

Security threats are more of a problem today than ever before. We've developed solutions and services to reduce your security risks from these threats with industry leading assessment, analysis, and risk management services. We are dedicated to keeping your organization operating safely and securely.  Download this whitepaper then call 800-800-0019.

The Economy of Security: How physical and cyber security drive economic vitality

Security solutions can help government agencies drive economic vitality for their regions with security intelligence. What is not as widely considered is the fact that cyber and physical security breaches can have a negative effect on economic vitality. Read this paper to gain a better of understanding of the connection between economic vitality and security. prevent, detect and respond to the cyber security threat.

Quantifying the Total Cost of Managing Data

Data is the lifeblood of any federal agency but the explosive growth of data has made data management a growing challenge. Struggling to meet shrinking project schedules and declining resources, agency CIOs are looking for new ways to reduce their total cost of data and accelerate IT projects.

Amazon Web Services for the Federal Government

Federal agencies are increasingly mandated to migrate to cloud services like AWS to achieve integration and agility.  Cloud migrations however, can be complex, disruptive, and time consuming projects that also face many  security and compliance-related challenges.

Data Center Consolidation & Rationalization

eGov initiatives and widespread digitization have multiplied application portfolios in the government.  TO reduce the associated technology debt, agencies are scrambling to deliver on consolidation and rationalization initiatives.  Yet, most projects are over budget and behind schedule.

Extreme File Transfer: Bigger, Faster, Farther

Read this e-book from Aberdeen Group to learn about extreme file transfer, and discover the solutions that can help you send information faster, enable worldwide access, and automate workflows to drive seamless file transfer.

Forrester Report: Engage Audit Professionals For Better Security Assessment Outcomes

Read this report from Forrester Research to learn how to take advantage of your internal audit team's resources and expertise to develop a more efficient, sustainable compliance program.

Internet Security Threat Report for Government

Knowing how cybercriminals are breaching security is the first step to securing your information—and your company’s goals. The 2015 Symantec™ Internet Security Threat Report leverages an unparalleled amount of data and is the resource you need to defend against the top tricks of cybercriminals.   Read the report and learn:
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‘Deter and Detect, Disrupt and Protect’
How Agencies Can Reduce Insider Threat Risks

Insider threats rank among the most common, costly and damaging risks federal agencies face today. Read i360Gov's latest special report to learn what you can do to better protect your organization. Also in the report, Chris Farrow, CISO for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, describes what the FDIC has done to reduce insider threats.

Pay Attention IT: A New Convergence Is Afoot

A new convergence of IT infrastructure is forcing rapid change in the digital world. With networks getting faster and the whole world going mobile, the number of digital connections is growing at an unprecedented rate. In response, government IT must become more agile, or be left behind. But how can your organization gain, and more importantly, maintain, an advantage at such speeds? What impact does this new convergence have on your IT infrastructure? And which IT strategies can maximize your team’s opportunities?

Zebra Technologies: State and Local Government Solutions Snapshot

Zebra Technologies has enterprise asset intelligence solutions in the form of information communications technologies to help our State and Local Government customers track and manage people, events, incidents, processes, programs and work productivity. These solutions, by the way of integrated mobile computers, scanners, printers, location services, cloud computing and wireless networks, are enhanced by Zebra and its Independent Software Vendor Partners providing mission critical and business specific applications.

IBM Cloud Infographic
Leaders in governments worldwide are using cloud technologies with impressive results.

Government benefits of all sizes that are using cloud-based services encompass citizen-centric services, security-rich and highly available, improved efficiency, and cost optimization.

Empowering government agencies through contextual computing
How context can improve decision making and mission outcomes

Data is growing exponentially, but only a small fraction is effectively leveraged today. As government leaders prepare for the next phase of business intelligence, they must be smarter in how they approach data to unlock its full value. We suggest they focus on contextual computing.

Coordinating health and human services
Controlling costs and improving outcomes

Certain health conditions add massive costs to government programs. Addressing the factors that influence individual wellness has the potential to contain or reduce healthcare and social program costs, and technology can play a role in helping states and cities improve program results.

Results-Based Budgeting Solutions from IBM
Helping Federal Agencies and Service Branches to Secure Budget Requests and Improve Mission Performance

In order to reduce the risk to missions and key organizational objectives associated with a dynamic budgetary environment, government leaders require a flexible budgeting solution designed around the challenges and constraints they face. Shifting from a traditional funding continuation budgeting process to a results-based budgeting process is a critical step for government organizations that demonstrates a commitment to mission and helps to secure budget requests in today's federal environment. By focusing on mission results, agencies can better allocate scarce funds and demonstrate the need for continued or increased funding levels.

Watson Analytics - Find what matters most to your business
IBM Watson Analytics

Based in the cloud, IBM Watson Analytics sets powerful analytics capabilities free so almost anyone can use them.

Federal Big Data Analytics
Helping federal agencies to make sense of “Big Data”

The value of big data is found in the insights that can be found within it. Unlike private organizations, the value of big data to federal agencies is found in things like better healthcare, improved public safety, crime prevention, national security and improved environmental health. Improved decision-making for programs across the federal government is how agencies can make sense out of big data.

Improve Government with a Smarter Process Approach

Providing a superior experience for citizens and constituents is not easy, and gone are the days when problematic customer interactions can be smoothed over by empathetic service representatives. In an omni-channel world, the number of citizen touchpoints is not only increasing, but is increasingly auto- mated, and governments will not get many chances to take the steps that are required to make things right. Unlike at any other time in history, the quality of your operations will shine through, in virtually every interaction with the citizen.

BPM for Dummies

Business Process Management For Dummies, IBM Limited Edition, shows you what BPM is and how it can help your organization. You see how the BPM solutions from IBM help you gain many benefits from higher customer satisfaction to greater agility in adapting to changing market conditions.

Smarter Process for Dummies

Is it easy to do business with your organization? Do your employees feel empowered to meet your customer’s needs? These are questions that you’re probably grappling with as you face a perpetually changing business environ- ment. You strive for operational excellence and need ways to effectively acquire and retain new customers. You also need to reinvent your business operations to foster growth.    Smarter Process is a way for you to work smarter as you find your way through all the operational challenges that the cur- rent business climate throws at you. It helps you use mobile, analytics, and collaboration to empower your employees to do their best work. It also empowers you as a leader to find the right tools and solutions.

The Cyber Resilience Blueprint: A New Perspective on Security

In this sophisticated threat environment, traditional security tactics are failing. Symantec encourages government organizations to revisit their security posture to build a more cyber resilient enterprise. Resilience is not defined by a series of checklists, but through evaluations based on the current threat environment and the acceptable risk level for the organization. This whitepaper presents best practice-based approaches recommended for minimizing cyber risk. These are arranged across five pillars and provide specific actions for each pillar to be performed by identifiable IT jobs.

A High Performance Printing Solution for Your Agency

With three distinct models, Lexmark MS310/MS410 Series printers offer superior performance, security, usability and value for public sector organizations. This series offers value and performance typical of higher-priced printers. Even the lowest-priced modelfeatures duplex printing, instant warm-up fuser, display panel, Ethernet, USB and parallel ports, plus options for wireless printing and higher input capacity. Additional models offer color LCD display, Confidential Print, support for Extra High-Yield cartridges and recommended monthly page volume up to 7,200 pages. And they’re compact enough to fit anywhere. Download this whitepaper to learn more.

A New Generation of Stackable Smart Switches for the Public Sector

NETGEAR, Inc., a global networking company that delivers innovative products to government, businesses, consumers and service providers, has extended its industry leadership with a new family of 10 Gigabit Ethernet Smart Switches, the ProSAFE® S3300 Gigabit Stackable Smart Switch Series (www.netgear.com/s3300). The ProSAFE S3300 Series provides a blueprint for a dependable network that can easily expand as needed, exploiting the full power of 10G-capable servers and network storage devices. From greenfield environments to network refreshes for customers who value ease of deployment and management, the ProSAFE S3300 series sets new standards in defining flexibility and choice for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), government agencies, educational facilities, and other organizations looking to leverage reliable technologies at affordable price points.  Download this whitepaper to learn more.
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Cities Turn to ‘Smart’ Initiatives to Remain Vibrant

State and municipal governments are examining how to leverage low-cost tools, technologies and services to help optimize internal facilities and asset management and keep pace with evolving constituent needs. Smart initiatives typically run on high-performance networks, using sensors, computers and other physical devices. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) reports the Internet of Things (IoT) currently accounts for more than $32 trillion in global economic activity, and is projected to grow as more tools are leveraged for new uses in health care, emergency services, transportation and other key city operations. Learn what it takes to “Get Smart,”  along with the latest information about current smart city initiatives, as well as best practice advice from leading industry experts in this i360Gov special report.
  • An i360Gov Special Report

A Roadmap for E-Discovery Compliance

Without the right combination of tools and defendable, repeatable, internal processes in place, agencies tend to ‘overcollect’ information for e-discovery, and can end up incurring judicial sanctions, along with ballooning costs. By establishing scalable and agency-wide e-discovery processes, it’s possible to lower costs, and improve regulatory compliance. Read this important i360Gov special report to learn more what it takes to efficiently handle information requests and avoid sanctions, fines, or any undermining of public confidence.

Auditing Your Data for Insider Threats

Data generated by applications and servers, inside or outside a department or agency, can play a significant role in determining anomalous employee behaviors. In some cases, the motivational context for those behaviors can signify an insider threat. Knowing the difference between willful acts and innocent mistakes requires understanding when user activity is abnormal in the broader context of employee behavior.

N.C. Department of Transportation Implements Modern Cost-Effective Record Keeping Solution

With more than 15 million trucks and 3.5 million drivers transporting an estimated $966 billion worth of goods annually in the U.S. and Canada, record keeping is critical to ensuring safety. For the North Carolina Department of Transportation, generating IRP registrations had become a job too important to entrust to a fleet of aging printers. By turning to Lexmark, the agency has a fully modern, reliable, and cost-effective solution that is now ready for implementation in other jurisdictions nationwide.  Read this short case study to learn more.

ScanSnap SV600
A New Perspective on Scanning

How would you like to turn all those file cabinets of delicate bound documents into searchable .pdf’s?  Step into the archiving age with Fujitsu’s upright, contactless document scanner.  Download this brief paper to learn more.

Discovery and Usage data for Software License Management (SLM)

Is Microsoft SCCM the best solution?  Many organizations use Microsoft’s SCCM product as their primary software discovery method. Because SCCM is already used by operations, it comes at little or no additional cost to the SLM group. But is it a wise decision for software licensing to use SCCM data as the primary data source? We suggest that this decision should be reconsidered because of the extra costs and missed savings opportunities that come with using SCCM for discovery and usage.

The Business Value and ROI Achieved in Analyzing, Diagnosing, and Resolving Application Performance Issues

As organizations rely on IT to support critical business processes to an ever-greater degree, the importance of application performance management (APM) is growing. Gone are the days when systems monitoring and management could focus on components in isolation; instead, organizations must ensure that applications are operating at top efficiency from end to end to support critical business processes. This requires a holistic focus on the end user’s application experience. To learn more, download this IDC whitepaper.

How to Make Apps Run More Efficiently in the Age of the Cloud

As enterprises have embraced IT trends like cloud computing and virtualization, their operational needs have evolved to make application performance more important than ever before. But operating applications at peak performance is challenging in the cloud. That's why many enterprise IT departments now have Applications Operations groups tasked with ensuring that applications run efficiently across these complex IT stacks. But, most tools designed to address these application performance management (APM) issues were never designed for this dynamic environment. To achieve smooth delivery of applications at all times, Applications Operations groups need APM solutions that can give them insight and analytics to manage their apps. This SlashGuide gives IT managers a scorecard to identify APM solutions that will deliver more efficient application performance.
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Special Report: Anything as a Service

Government agencies are under pressure to keep costs under tight control while at the same time providing a high level of services to citizens and businesses. It’s a tall order for sure, but not impossible thanks to a host of “anything-as-a-service” offerings enabled by the cloud and virtualization technology.
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Defense Organizations Strive for Software-Defined Operations

Virtualization mandates have spread as military organizations strive to comply with initiatives such as the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) and ‘Cloud First.’ Now defense and military organizations are migrating to cloud services, which rely on virtualized apps, servers and storage, as a way to modernize IT operations.
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Defending the Enterprise: Reinforcing Endpoint Security Across all Levels of Government

As the number and severity of security breaches rises, detecting anomalies and performing triage to quickly respond to cyber-attacks -- by killing processes or wiping to erase compromised devices -- has become a necessity across government agencies and departments. Read i360Gov’s latest special report to learn more about the latest guidance to address endpoint security, and how the state of Hawaii is stepping up to take a leading role as a cybersecurity hub in the Pacific.
  • An i360Gov Special Report

Embracing Data’s ‘Dark’ Side: Mitigating Risks of Unstructured Data

Government organizations generate, share and strive to maintain oceans of unstructured data, which is causing storage and/or backup operations to grow by at least 20-40% per year.  As agencies intensify their focus on how to improve constituent services, they must figure out how to decipher what data must be kept, for how long, and what can be discarded from the sea of transactional data that flows through every day. Read i360Gov’s latest special report to gain the latest advice from Administration officials, and learn how the Department of Justice handles its hefty data management responsibilities.

Centralized Data Centers or End User Experience… You Can Have Both!

Federal agencies are struggling to keep pace with ever-changing needs and technologies to support their missions.  With users increasingly distributed while applications are consolidated into virtualized data centers and cloud computing facilities, the result is more and more traffic moves to the WAN and Internet.

Implementing Cloud Solutions Within Your Existing IT Environment

While extensibility may not be part of an initial cloud production pilot, knowing this option is available can help grow and evolve your deployment to meet the unique needs of business groups within your enterprise. This paper demonstrates the extensibility capabilities of VMware vCloud® Automation Center and the skill set needed to allow IT personnel to enable, adapt, and extend their cloud to work within existing IT infrastructure and processes
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Leaning In: Government’s Push to Leverage Big Data

In 2014, government agencies are overcoming challenges inherent in managing high volume, high velocity data streams, to capture, store, manage and analyze big data as it flows through agencies every day. In this special report you will learn about what federal oversight organizations are doing to motivate agencies to gain more from big data. At the same time, one the world’s largest judicial systems, the Social Security Administration's Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR), is leveraging large data sets to gain more intelligence about each of approximately 100,000 disability claims appealed each year. Insights from SSA’s ODAR data have uncovered policy errors and provided valuable feedback, which has been used to reduce errors and improve training, along with operational decision-making. Read more about this SSA big data analytics effort in this i360Gov report.

Security issues raining on your parade to the CLOUD?

One of the biggest obstacles preventing institutions from implementing a CLOUD practice is the security challenges that come with it.   Moving to the cloud does present challenges and risks when it comes to securing your data and your infrastructure.  The following Cisco whitepaper from GovConnection discusses not only CLOUD security challenges and risks but provides 5 steps for building a secure CLOUD implementation.

School district builds the foundation to support change

To increase student success with new digital learning tools and services such as bring-your-own-device (BYOD), the Kerrville Independent School District in Texas needed a faster, more reliable IT infrastructure. What made this goal daunting was that the district’s budget had just been cut by 25 percent, and many technologies were nearing end-of-life. To overcome its challenges, staff examined the existing infrastructure to find creative ways to boost efficiency and savings.
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A Federal Open Data Status Report

By November, federal agencies must comply with a Presidential Executive Order mandating that more data be made open and machine readable. Most agencies today are only getting started. What they must understand is that every agency has an external mission. Whether they inform a specific party, the public, industry or other third party groups, every agency provides services to, or interacts with others. And in each agency, there are data sets that should be made open and accessible. That’s the crux of the argument for agency Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Read this special report to learn what federal agencies can do NOW to get rolling on achieving compliance with Open Data Directives.

A Fresh take on Mobile Printing Security

Mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, afford employees the flexibility to be productive at home, at work, and on the go. Yet as an IT administrator, you likely have many concerns around the security risks inherent to these devices. They are easily lost or stolen—and with them any of the corporate information to which they may grant access. With the variety of ever-changing mobile platforms and operating systems, how can you know whether a given mobile device is able to securely access the network?

Why is Wide Area Network (WAN) Optimization Critical to Application Delivery?

Boosting application delivery and response time across a global network can improve collaboration and productivity among an increasingly global and mobile workforce. Read this white paper to learn how optimizing the WAN helps agencies save money by reducing the overall cost of networking, ensuring optimal application performance, and increasing user productivity.

Weathering the Storm: How Cloud Management Can Align Competing C-Suite Priorities

It has often been agreed that IT procurement projects can be duplicative, costly and slow to complete, but new developments are underway that may fundamentally change how IT is managed. At the center of this conversation is a debate about the role of the chief information officer. Despite varying perspectives on the issue, one can be sure that a change in the dynamic of the C-suite would create new questions on the way agencies manage their IT investments, especially cloud computing. As agencies move more of their mission critical workloads to the cloud, the alignment of priorities in the C-suite will make for a much smoother transition.  Download this complimentary whitepaper to learn more.

ESG Analyst White Paper: Virtualization Management Critical to Achieving Scale and Efficiency

This paper explains why customers are moving beyond traditional tools and processes when it comes to how they manage their virtual environments. ESG global field survey provides proof points, while analysts provide recommendations for next steps in the virtualization journey.

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