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eBook: A Faster Path to Cloud

With VSPEX and Red River, nothing stands in the way of the cost savings, extreme flexibility and opportunities for innovation that Cloud provides. The latest eBook from the experts at Red River charts a faster path to Cloud with EMC VSPEX Cloud architectures and hyper-converged infrastructure.

eBook: Realizing the Full Potential of the Software-Defined Data Center

Why stop at virtualizing servers and storage? By virtualizing the network with VMware NSX networking virtualization platform, organizations can institute the third pillar of the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), move to next-generation networking and enable many of the benefits they’re already seeing by virtualizing compute and storage.

Data Analytics for Federal Healthcare eBook: Alleviating Pressure with Insight and Intelligence

Government healthcare agencies are under tremendous pressure to provide better patient care and manage sophisticated security threats as well as complex IT infrastructure – All while pinned down by strict budget limitations and compliance mandates.

Convergence: The First Step to the Internet of Everything
Sometimes Disruption is a Good Thing

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is changing everything. But it's creating amazing opportunities for government agencies. Read this GovLoop paper to see how to innovate faster and benefit from the convergence of cloud, mobility, and big data analytics with the IoE.

The Importance of the Internet of Things for Communities
Five Essential Elements for your Digital Community

IDC answers your questions about how the Internet of Everything (IoE) can create amazing opportunities for your community to innovate faster, create a better quality of life for citizens, and make the best use of limited resources. Download this informative, complimentary whitepaper now.

Flash Decisions: Which Solution is Right for You?

Once available only to those with big budgets, Flash storage is now well within reach of most organizations and offers tremendous speed and capacity advantages. But with so many Flash options, it’s difficult to discern which solutions are right for you.

Integrated Law Enforcement: A Holistic Approach to Solving Crime

Read this complimentary paper for information regarding:

High-performance law enforcement

This paper discusses how law enforcement agencies can improve public safety outcomes by developing an integrated technology strategy that supports specific practicabilities needed

Rethinking the Network as a Security Sensor and Enforcer

Today’s corporate networks are more important to business objectives than ever before. Consequently, greater amounts of sensitive data traverse both wired and wireless networks. This plethora of valuable data in today's enterprise attracts an increasing number of hackers and malware applications. However, the inherent connected intelligence and distributed nature that makes the network a treasure trove for cybercriminals can also empower the network to be a proactive security tool. Through traffic visibility, and segmentation, today's enterprise network can prove itself to be a sensor and enforcer for security.

Collaboration-as-a-Service: Breaking Down What You Need to Know

Since Alexander Graham Bell ushered in the telephone in 1876, the ability to communicate across distances has become immediate. Passing notes in class is so passé. Why wait for a break to exchange messages? Do it now over a smartphone!

The Importance of Foundational Security in Public Sector Networks

Across organizations from all sectors, the network is becoming more integral to daily operations. This is acutely felt by public sector organizations in the United States, namely federal, state, and local governmental organizations. Public sector organizations contend with the challenge of ensuring the security of highly sensitive data on the network in the midst of uncertain budgets and, in many cases, outdated infrastructure. At the same time, many public sector organizations grapple with a complex web of compliance protocols that must be supported on the network. This Analyst Connection explores the need for network infrastructure upgrades that include "foundational security."

Cybersecurity Risk: Industry Perspective The Driver for IT Modernization

Many federal, state and local government agencies are taking unnecessary security risks by operating network equipment beyond the end of supported life. Replacing outdated infrastructure with modern secure technology not only reduces security risks but also improves efficiency, productivity and service delivery in our digitized world. To bring awareness to this issue, and help the public sector address it, GovLoop and Cisco have partnered for this Industry Perspective about modernizing your network and infrastructure. In this report, we interviewed Anthony Grieco, Senior Director of Cisco’s Security and Trust Organization, for his take on the need for government to modernize.

Cisco Security Posture Assessment Service
Validate Your Current Security Posture

Changing business models – cloud, mobile, social, and the Internet of Everything – all introduce new security challenges. Add to this, a dynamic threat landscape and you understand why now, more than ever, organizations need to protect their infrastructures, their data, and their brand reputation.

Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing is FedRAMP-Compliant (Infographic)

With Cisco FedRAMP-compliant services, including Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing, your data is stored only in U.S. data centers — and is constantly monitored and audited for security and safety.

Meet with Anyone, Anywhere — Securely
Cisco WebEx Meeting Center: A FedRAMP-Compliant Service

Cisco WebEx® Meeting Center: A FedRAMP-Compliant Service allows you to:

Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing
A FedRAMP-Compliant Service that Provides Simple, Secure Cloud-Based Collaboration for the U.S. Government

As a FedRAMP-compliant solution provided by the market leader in web and video conferencing, Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing lets you:

Top 10 Considerations for Selecting Mobile Gateways

Mission-Critical mobile workers who spend most of their time on the road or in temporary offices operate in a wide range of industries—law enforcement, emergency medical services, fire departments, utilities, field service, disaster relief, news, and entertainment—but they all have one thing in common: they need seamless, reliable mobile connectivity. Whether it’s connecting to the home office or setting up an ad-hoc network on-site, mobile connectivity is essential to their work. This article will help you with considerations when selecting Mobile Gateways.

Mobile E-Signatures for Government
5 Key Trends Accelerate Government Demand for Mobile Signing

Although it is still early stages for mobile government, organizations at all levels are developing mobile strategies.   Many are taking a two-pronged approach, equipping employees for mobile productivity while also using mobile apps to improve civic engagement and service delivery.  As a result, we are seeing an increase in inquiries on mobile e-signature capability for government employees signing documents as part of G2E, G2G, G2B and G2C use cases.   While many are focused on internal signing workflows, there is a need to adopt responsive technologies and mobile tools that can scale to vendor- and citizen-facing use cases – especially those mediated by recruiters, first responders, inspectors and other field personnel.  This paper presents some of the major drivers influencing the transition to mobile e-signing, including:  

Is it your network that’s bringing down your most critical applications?

Or is another application in your ecosystem to blame? Whether your networks or your apps are giving you a bad day, we give you the tools to help you figure out what’s to blame.  Visit our trial download library and choose from one of our network or application monitoring tools – and start having a good day again.

Top Reasons to Choose EMC for Video Surveillance Applications

Meeting the needs of an open, flexible and cost-effective video surveillance storage infrastructure can be challenging. However, if you need to reduce costs, insure video asset security and manage growth, EMC provides open, flexible and cost-effective video surveillance solutions that cover the entirety of edge-to-core deployments. Find out the top 5 reasons to choose EMC for your next video surveillance project.

Avoid over purchasing IT resources and infrastructure

Organizations are under immense pressure to get to the cloud now. But with tight budgets, limited resources and concerns about security and control, cloud remains out of reach for many.   In this exciting new eBook from ViON and Hitachi Data Systems Federal, you’ll learn how to Build Your Cloud Strategy with Confidence and use a cloud-based business model to:   Experience freedom and flexibility using operational vs. capital funds to break free from traditional procurement constraints

AppAdvice: Selecting a No SQL approach and scalable database- as-a-service solution supports future growth

Selecting a No SQL approach and scalable databaseas-a-service solution supports future growth. Read this paper to learn more.

Four app development disasters every business should know about
Avoid these 4 common app deployment mistakes to help make your next mobile project a success

Mobile applications and Internet-enabled goods promise to transform your brand and cement its position in the minds of your audience. At their core, these apps are about generating new types of data and using that data in new ways.

Why No SQL

The continual increase in web, mobile and IoT applications, alongside emerging trends shifting online consumer behavior and new classes of data, is causing developers to reevaluate how their data is stored and managed. Today’s needs require a database that is capable of providing a scalable, flexible solution to efficiently and safely manage the massive flow of data to and from a global user base. Read this paper to learn more.

Performance Engineering for Applications
Develop, Deliver and Support High Quality Applications

Ensuring application performance and quality is a shared responsibility across all groups within IT. Poor quality impacts IT and business performance, and increases incurred costs of maintenance. Read this paper to see how you can:

Hidden in Plain Sight: Practical Tips for Detecting and Fixing the Underlying Causes of Common Application Performance Problems

Performance issues today are compounded by the ever-increasingly complex infrastructures that IT teams must contend with when delivering applications. Infrastructures that contain a combination of virtualized, hosted, and cloud environments. Applications that are increasingly distributed, multi-tiered, and consist of disparate components supported by a growing number of suppliers.

Five DLP Tips from Security Executives

With the rapid rise in data breaches, advanced threats and mobility, data loss prevention (DLP) has quickly evolved from a security issue to a business imperative. Once considered the con¬cern solely of regulated financial services and healthcare organizations, companies across all industries are focusing on managing their data loss risk. As a result, C-level executives are turn¬ing to IT security to protect confidential data such as intellectual property (IP) and personally identifi¬able information (PII). DLP programs are emerging as the most effective solution. Security executives who use DLP as the cornerstone of their infor¬mation security strategy are reaping significant tangible and intangible benefits; not only are they keeping their company out of the headlines, but they are also getting a seat at the table with their business peers.
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Flipping the 80/20 Rule to Gain Agile Application Development

Because agencies typically spend 80 percent of IT budgets managing legacy systems and only 20 percent on new technology -- the more agencies can adopt agile application development methods, the faster they will increase efficiency and improve performance.  Agility in software development requires keeping code simple, testing often and delivering functional bits of an application as soon as they are ready.

Intelligent Video Analytics Infographic

Video surveillance is a crucial part of protecting citizens and the communities where they live.

Refeshed Public Safety Infographic

Each week over 1 million people move into a city. Never before have the requirements for protecting citizens, property and infrastructure from harm been more pressing. Sophisticated, applied technology can yield insights.that shorten the cycle from incident to resolution. Find out more.

Enhancing a City's Ability to Plan, Protect and Manage with Intelligent Video Analytics

Innovative leaders are creating smarter, safer, more secure cities - protecting citizens and the city’s economic value. Intelligent video analytics solutions extend the capabilities of existing video assets, and enhance the effectiveness of safety and traffic management personnel.

Incident & Emergency Management Animated Infographic

An infographic that shows the financial, environmental, and human costs of disasters and emergencies. The use of advanced technology can help meet escalating citizen expectations across all four phases of the emergency management cycle.

eBook: The Business of Cloud

Cloud IT offers an expansive array of benefits, from extreme performance and high availability to flexibility and the ability to pay for storage and services on demand.  But the business of Cloud can be complex.

City and County of San Francisco Shortens Payroll Processing, Ensures Business Continuity and Reduces Total Cost of Ownership

Find out why the City and County of San Francisco chose to run its human capital management system on Oracle Engineered Systems and the impressive results they achieved in this informative success story.

City of Lakeland Saves $2.5 Million in Data Infrastructure Costs with Engineered Systems

Learn why the City of Lakeland in Polk County, Florida chose Oracle to support many of the city’s most critical applications, including Lakeland Electric’s meter-data management system which runs smart-grid initiatives.
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Solutions to Safeguarding Growing Cloud Data

IT and security managers in the federal government—like their private sector counterparts—are facing daunting challenges when it comes to safeguarding data throughout their organization.

11 Mistakes when buying charging and storage carts & How to Avoid Them

Download this whitepaper from Blackbox to lean about the top 11 mistakes that are made when buying charging carts and how your government organization can apply those principles and avoid those mistakes.  Contact your GovConnection account manager to learn more.

ESET through GovConnection: Flexible bundles right-sized for your organization

ESET bundled business solutions simplify purchasing by reducing the number of licenses you need to buy, renew and manage. And with the ability to upgrade any time, you can buy with confidence now and add capabilities and licenses as you need them. With ESET bundled business solutions you can cover all platforms including workstations, servers and mobile devices with one easy to manage bundle.  Download the whitepaper and then call your GovConnection account manager to learn more.
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Growing Government Cyber Intelligence (ebook)

As traditional network perimeters surrounding data centers dissolve, agencies face enormous difficulties fending off attacks using a patchwork of traditional security tools to protect classified or personally identifiable information (PII).

Making the Case for Storage on Demand (ebook)

It’s no wonder that storage tops the “to-do” lists of many government and commercial enterprises. With data volumes growing at exponential rates and new technology initiatives, such as Cloud, virtualization and Big Data, requiring increased capacity and performance, powerful storage options are now a must-have. Storage is also increasingly complex. Yet, today’s tight IT budgets leave little room for error, so it’s important to make the right choices from the start.
  • An i360Gov Special Report

Survey Underscores Need for Greater Application Management Awareness

Government application portfolios are plagued with redundant functions and a lack of transparency, which has led to uncontrolled costs and a general reluctance to change anything. This frustrating scenario is primarily why Application Portfolio Management (APM) is considered vital to helping improve agency operations, including the ability to manage cloud services, lower hardware and software costs, and minimize risks.
  • An i360Gov Special Report

‘Deter and Detect, Disrupt and Protect’
How Agencies Can Reduce Insider Threat Risks

Insider threats rank among the most common, costly and damaging risks federal agencies face today. Read i360Gov's latest special report to learn what you can do to better protect your organization. Also in the report, Chris Farrow, CISO for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, describes what the FDIC has done to reduce insider threats.

A High Performance Printing Solution for Your Agency

With three distinct models, Lexmark MS310/MS410 Series printers offer superior performance, security, usability and value for public sector organizations. This series offers value and performance typical of higher-priced printers. Even the lowest-priced modelfeatures duplex printing, instant warm-up fuser, display panel, Ethernet, USB and parallel ports, plus options for wireless printing and higher input capacity. Additional models offer color LCD display, Confidential Print, support for Extra High-Yield cartridges and recommended monthly page volume up to 7,200 pages. And they’re compact enough to fit anywhere. Download this whitepaper to learn more.

A New Generation of Stackable Smart Switches for the Public Sector

NETGEAR, Inc., a global networking company that delivers innovative products to government, businesses, consumers and service providers, has extended its industry leadership with a new family of 10 Gigabit Ethernet Smart Switches, the ProSAFE® S3300 Gigabit Stackable Smart Switch Series (www.netgear.com/s3300). The ProSAFE S3300 Series provides a blueprint for a dependable network that can easily expand as needed, exploiting the full power of 10G-capable servers and network storage devices. From greenfield environments to network refreshes for customers who value ease of deployment and management, the ProSAFE S3300 series sets new standards in defining flexibility and choice for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), government agencies, educational facilities, and other organizations looking to leverage reliable technologies at affordable price points.  Download this whitepaper to learn more.
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A Roadmap for E-Discovery Compliance

Without the right combination of tools and defendable, repeatable, internal processes in place, agencies tend to ‘overcollect’ information for e-discovery, and can end up incurring judicial sanctions, along with ballooning costs. By establishing scalable and agency-wide e-discovery processes, it’s possible to lower costs, and improve regulatory compliance. Read this important i360Gov special report to learn more what it takes to efficiently handle information requests and avoid sanctions, fines, or any undermining of public confidence.

Auditing Your Data for Insider Threats

Data generated by applications and servers, inside or outside a department or agency, can play a significant role in determining anomalous employee behaviors. In some cases, the motivational context for those behaviors can signify an insider threat. Knowing the difference between willful acts and innocent mistakes requires understanding when user activity is abnormal in the broader context of employee behavior.
  • An i360Gov Special Report

Special Report: Anything as a Service

Government agencies are under pressure to keep costs under tight control while at the same time providing a high level of services to citizens and businesses. It’s a tall order for sure, but not impossible thanks to a host of “anything-as-a-service” offerings enabled by the cloud and virtualization technology.
  • An i360Gov Special Report

Defense Organizations Strive for Software-Defined Operations

Virtualization mandates have spread as military organizations strive to comply with initiatives such as the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) and ‘Cloud First.’ Now defense and military organizations are migrating to cloud services, which rely on virtualized apps, servers and storage, as a way to modernize IT operations.
  • An i360Gov Special Report

Defending the Enterprise: Reinforcing Endpoint Security Across all Levels of Government

As the number and severity of security breaches rises, detecting anomalies and performing triage to quickly respond to cyber-attacks -- by killing processes or wiping to erase compromised devices -- has become a necessity across government agencies and departments. Read i360Gov’s latest special report to learn more about the latest guidance to address endpoint security, and how the state of Hawaii is stepping up to take a leading role as a cybersecurity hub in the Pacific.
  • An i360Gov Special Report

Embracing Data’s ‘Dark’ Side: Mitigating Risks of Unstructured Data

Government organizations generate, share and strive to maintain oceans of unstructured data, which is causing storage and/or backup operations to grow by at least 20-40% per year.  As agencies intensify their focus on how to improve constituent services, they must figure out how to decipher what data must be kept, for how long, and what can be discarded from the sea of transactional data that flows through every day. Read i360Gov’s latest special report to gain the latest advice from Administration officials, and learn how the Department of Justice handles its hefty data management responsibilities.

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