IG: DHS data inaccurate for nearly $2B in transactions

Federal Times: A review of the Department of Homeland Security’s spending data for Q2 of fiscal year 2017 revealed $1.9 billion of the department’s transactions were not linked to their corresponding award-level transactions through unique identification numbers, one of several accuracy issues cited in a recent inspector general report.

While acknowledging DHS is improving its data reconciliation procedures to reduce these misalignments, the IG determined the department needs to have greater oversight into the quality of data submitted by its component agencies under the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014 (DATA Act).

“DHS’ internal controls over its DATA Act processes were not sufficient to support the submission of accurate, complete and timely spending data for FY 2017/Q2. Until DHS strengthens its existing controls and applies additional controls over its DATA Act processes, the quality and transparency of its published spending data remains questionable,” the report said.

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