State Medicaid Leaders Parse the Challenges of Healthcare Payment Reform

Healthcare Informatics: The U.S. healthcare industry is in the process of major transformation, and during a health innovation conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on Nov. 29, faculty, researchers, clinicians and practitioners addressed the challenges confronting the industry and the tools being brought to bear to address those challenges.

MIT’s Sloan School of Management’s Initiative for Health Systems Innovation (HSI) sponsored the “Innovating Health Systems: Digital Health Transformations” conference at the Cambridge, Mass.-based campus. The conference addressed issues such as how states are rethinking health delivery to their populations and where emerging digital innovations may transform health care delivery.

During a panel discussion focused on state models and population health, Retsef Levi, J. Spencer Standish Professor of Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management, the panel’s moderator, noted that, across the U.S., state Medicaid programs are responsible for 75 million patients, with most of those patients among the older, poorer and sicker in the population. “It’s fair to say that state governments have a major role in driving innovation in value-based payment schemes and health care system reform.”

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