Increase military asset readiness with a powerful combination of cognitive technologies
Uptime and asset availability are crucial to mission success across the armed forces

Readiness — the US military’s ability to perform its required missions everywhere, all the time — is shaped by many factors. In addition to the abilities and well-being of military personnel, readiness includes the availability, uptime and performance of military equipment. In turn, readily available equipment saves time, money and lives.

Cognitive technologies that help predict and prevent equipment failures, and prescribe remedies for maintenance technicians, can have a positive impact on military equipment across the US armed forces.

At this writing, Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which includes provisions for modernizing military equipment and enhancing readiness. Defined broadly as the ability of the US armed forces to perform their required missions, whether against near-peer or asymmetric threats, readiness is shaped by many factors. Among them are the ability and wellbeing of military personnel, and the availability and performance of military equipment. These elements depend on procurement cycles, sustainment resources and supply chain risk management.

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