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i360Gov is an intelligent network of web sites and newsletters that provides government business, policy and technology leaders with a single destination where they can find the most important news and analysis regarding agency missions, strategies and initiatives.

Comprised of seven topic-specific news channels, each functioning as a stand-alone web site, along with a comprehensive line-up of email newsletters, the i360Gov network delivers daily news, analysis, commentary and perspective regarding government’s largest and most important initiatives in an interactive, online environment.

Content EditorUsing our proprietary technology, our editors continually monitor and review hundreds of trusted news sites, trade sites and blogs across the web, filtering out all but the most relevant, interesting and useful news, analysis and commentary as it relates to key government business and technology strategies and initiatives.  Links to these articles are delivered to our subscribers via our network of web sites and newsletters along with links to additional related articles, i360Gov Special Reports, white papers, webinars, and other resources.

By doing their daily search for important, relevant news and analysis for them, we save busy government business, policy and technology leaders valuable time while keeping them expertly informed.

Our Audience

The i360Gov Network reaches government business and technology decision makers with job functions including:

  • Government Executives and Policy Makers
  • Program and Project Managers
  • IT Directors and Managers
  • Engineering Directors and Managers
  • Government Contractors, Teaming Partners and Systems Integrators

Marketing and Advertising Opportunities

i360Gov offers marketers a variety of strategic options for reaching our powerful audience.  We begin by taking as much time and energy as necessary  to learn everything we can about your specific business objectives and how they translate to your marketing objectives.  Once we have done our homework, we create a customized program that is designed to achieve your specific goals, and which includes guaranteed results along with metrics for measuring success.

i360Gov marketing programs may include any of the following components:

  • Banner advertisements
  • Content sponsorship
  • Microsite sponsorship
  • Newsletter sponsorship
  • Custom newsletters
  • Custom content creation
  • Content syndication
  • Demand generation
  • Turnkey webinars
  • Custom video segments
  • Live events

Most i360Gov marketing programs include guaranteed, measurable ROI.

Please download our Media Kit for more information.

i360Media Marketing

Download our Media Kit to find out how i360Gov can provide you with strategic options for reaching our powerful audience of government leaders and decision makers.

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