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State and Local Governments Embrace Next-Gen IT Infrastructure

Can cities, counties, municipalities, and other governing entities provide services to meet the high expectations of their citizens? The expectations established by citizens interactions with the world’s top tech commercial companies?
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Federal Agencies Embrace Agile Security: How Atlassian Tools Help Agencies Infuse Security into Agile Development

Driven by the growing number of cybercrimes that target both public sector entities and private corporations, along with increasing pressure to upgrade security, comply with stringent regulatory oversight and migrate to cloud-based services, federal agencies are working to modernize and improve the agility of crucial security processes.
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Nutanix’s Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Private Cloud Enables Federal Agencies to Streamline Operations and Improve Management of Large Data Sets

Just two years ago, the Federal government caught the attention of the government IT provider and user communities with a “Cloud First” mandate. If the response to this Federal initiative has been variable, it’s been only by degree, because there is clearly a strong gravitational pull to the cloud for Federal agencies, and that will only increase.
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Nutanix’s Hyperconverged Infrastructure Enables Government Entities to Provide Positive Outcomes to Citizens
Eschewing “IT Stack” Mentality, HCI Offers Better Mobility, Compliance, Reliability and Disaster Recovery

Delivering services that support quality of life is the central task of local and regional governments entities, with a traditional focus on providing public safety, education, and social services such as healthcare. As citizens become increasingly aware of the capabilities of modern IT networks, they expect more speed and performance – just as they do with other services in their personal devices, from banking to online commerce. Today, no matter the provider, it’s standard to expect rapid, flawless access to services, on-demand 24/7, all through an IT platform that performs without so much as a lag or glitch.
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Cloud-Driven Databases Improve Service Quality, Reduce Costs

Most agencies have migrated at least a few applications to cloud services, but progress has been slow, due primarily to internal IT complexities, cybersecurity worries and a reluctance to abandon physical resources. Increasingly, however, agency leaders find that optimizing data management provides a critical first step toward efficient, scalable and reliable IT operations. Although technological breakthroughs in advanced analytics, AI and IoT are expected to help agencies better control and direct the flow of information, some organizations are finding they have collected so much, it can be difficult to uncover answers in vast data stores. Read i360Gov’s latest special report to learn how agencies can modernize and improve data governance and transparency.
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Overcoming Aging Infrastructure
Could Continuous Structural Health Monitoring help Governments up their Smart City Street Cred?

Explore the use of IoT sensors to monitor vibrations and better track the safety of bridges and other structures. Using real-time, cloud-based, advanced analytics and IoT sensor data, government executives can measure vibrations that would help federal, state and local organizations more closely monitor aging infrastructure, and better manage scarce resources -- to improve safety and reduce the impact of road/bridge closures on drivers. Read more about ground-breaking possibilities in this i360Gov special report.
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A Natural Evolution: From Data Center Consolidation to IT Optimization

As federal IT organizations make progress consolidating and modernizing their IT infrastructures, the impact of legacy platforms, technologies and traditional data centers still weighs heavy, along with each agency’s ability to attract and maintain the skill sets and applications needed to meet 21st century requirements.
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Growing Government Cyber Intelligence (ebook)

As traditional network perimeters surrounding data centers dissolve, agencies face enormous difficulties fending off attacks using a patchwork of traditional security tools to protect classified or personally identifiable information (PII).