Government Endpoint Security: Current Initiatives and Best Practice Tips
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Governments are among the most highly targeted networks in the world. From political campaigns to government personnel to intelligence and troop planning, government data is of great interest to nation-states and others for a variety of reasons. Accessing sensitive government data means accessing the assets that can connect to it or house that data. Servers, workstations, virtual desktops and other devices can all suffer from vulnerable operating systems and applications – a way in for a would-be attacker. New exploits to take advantage of a vulnerability and new malware appear daily, and slow government patch cycles make this even more concerning.

Attend this 1-hour complimentary i360Gov educational webinar for a comprehensive overview of the latest Endpoint Security techniques, including case studies and federal and state/local government subject matter experts that will provide best practice tips and advice regarding:

  • How to protect government systems (e.g., servers, workstations, virtual desktops) from exploits for zero-day vulnerabilities, APTs, and never-before-seen malware.
  • How to use endpoint security as a compensating solution to patch management.
  • How to protect key ICS/SCADA systems from attacks. (i.e. highly sensitive SCADA controls in military and energy operations)
  • How to control executable use from mobile media (e.g. USB, CD-ROM drives) where such media is not controlled in government installations.
  • How to ensure compliance to specific government mandates.
  • How to leverage Endpoint threat prevention as part of modernized defense in depth.

Speakers Include:

  • Jeff Cichonski, IT Security Specialist
    National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Dustin Glover, Chief Information Security Officer, Office of Technology Services, State of Louisiana
  • Bruce Artman, Cyber Security Specialist, Palo Alto Networks

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