Technology Requirements for Successful Health Information Exchanges (HIE)
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To successfully deploy an effective Health Information Exchange, states need to deploy a number of key technologies.  While there are a variety of different architectural models for an HIE, each model will need one or more of the following:

  • A Network Infrastructure capable of reliably and securely exchanging data between participants in the HIE
  • An application to interpret requests from HIE participants, respond and/or route requests from those participants as appropriate.
  • Data Integration Services
  • Master Patient Index (Patient Matching)
  • Master Provider Index (Provider Matching)
  • Record Locator Service to help determine routing for HIE requests

This educational webinar will delve into each of these key technological requirements and how these technologies work together to provide the core services of a Health Information Exchange.

Our featured speakers are Ray Shanley, Principal Solutions Consultant for Informatica, and Paul J. Cosgrave, former New York City Commissioner for the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, former New York City Chief Information Officer, and former Internal Revenue Service Chief Information Officer.


Sponsored by: DLT Solutions and Informatica




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