The 3 Critical Steps to Building Situational Awareness and Response in Federal Agencies
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Today’s federal security professionals are handling substantial amounts of sensitive data from internal and external sources. Having actionable awareness provides advantages that not only allow for better control of that data but also eases the ability to perform the meaningful analysis needed to understand and better leverage it.

By attending this webcast, you will learn:

- Get the data - ingest the data
You likely have security data from several sources: end point, sensor data, network data, mobile, access control, identity access, application security and more. But can you ingest that data along with security data available outside of your organization?

- Integrate the data sources
Once you have the data from inside and outside your organization can you integrate it for meaningful analysis? Can it be done affordably?

- Clarity on actions
Through a single pain of glass can you tell what actions to take and which actions are top priority?

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