Can you weather the storm of a cyber attack?

For most organizations, the question is not if a data breach will occur but when. In 2016, 4,149 data breaches were reported, exposing an all-time high of roughly 4.3 billion records.

It isn’t enough to guard against an attack – you need to plan for the worst-case scenario. DellEMC and Red River deliver a new incident response solution, which utilizes an air gap to create an isolated recovery zone. As your last line of defense, our solution can:

  • Isolate mission-critical data
  • Replicate data and workflows
  • Perform integrity checks and alerts
  • Speed recovery time

Learn more about how DellEMC and Red River can help you prepare for your worst day and get you on the road to recovery in our new ebook: Can you weather the storm of a cyber attack?

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