Enable Greater Data Reduction, Storage Performance, and Manageability with Dell EMC PowerStore Storage Arrays

Organizations face different challenges for storing and accessing data. Some need powerful arrays to maximize performance, and some want the flexibility of an infrastructure that combines both storage and compute into a single system. New all flash, NVMe-based Dell EMC PowerStore storage arrays help organizations meet these needs. PowerStore arrays deliver high data reduction and speed in a 2U form factor, and a hypervisor-enabled PowerStore array can internally host VMware ESXi VMs while also providing storage resources to external hosts.

We tested two Dell EMC PowerStore arrays against the equivalent NVMe based array of a competitor (“Vendor A”) across a range of performance and usability metrics. The Dell EMC PowerStore arrays had higher data reduction ratios, supported more input/output operations per second (IOPS), responded in less time, and provided higher bandwidth than the array from Vendor A. In addition, the hypervisor-enabled PowerStore array allowed our admins to start deploying a VM right out of the box. With Dell EMC PowerStore storage arrays, organizations can maximize storage capacity, increase storage performance, and cut management overhead time.

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