Hyperconverged Infrastructure with Nutanix

In the old days of IT, budget cycles and legacy hardware-centric architectures necessitated massive IT procurements with multi-year commitments – slowing down innovation as a result. Although less and less, those types of acquisitions still happen today, as a result of IT decisions being presented as ‘either/or’ propositions. But as IT evolves, and innovative options become more mainstream, agencies no longer have to choose between cloud (hot) or traditional data centers (not). In the post-cloud era, hybrid cloud platforms can recognize and manage resources across the entire enterprise, whether on-prem or off-prem, and deliver the agility, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness that cloud computing has promised.

In this episode of Tech Trends, Greg O’Connell, Senior Director of IC and FSI Sales for the US Public Sector at Nutanix, outlines how Hyperconverged Infrastructure eliminates hardware complexity and provides software-driven capabilities that enable organizations to maximize the benefits of public and private cloud.

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