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Nutanix Flow Tech Note

Flow is a software-defined networking product tightly integrated into Nutanix AHV and Prism. Flow provides rich visualization, automation, and security for VMs running on AHV. Microsegmentation is a component of Flow networking that simplifies policy management. Using multiple Prism Central categories (logical groups), you can create a powerful distributed firewall that gives administrators an application-centric policy management tool for securing VM traffic. Categories enable flexible, attribute-based grouping of VMs to define security policies. By using logical categories, you no longer need to base policy definitions on network addresses or manually update policies to handle network changes. Your security policy can automatically apply to a VM independent of its network configuration. With Flow, administrators can visualize traffic between groups of VMs to create plain-language policies based on application behavior, rather than defining allowed traffic in the language of IP addresses and subnets. With Flow, Nutanix extends Prism Central’s consumer-grade simplicity and ease of use beyond virtualization and storage infrastructure management to the world of network security.

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