Nutanix’s Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Private Cloud Enables Federal Agencies to Streamline Operations and Improve Management of Large Data Sets
An i360Gov Special Report.

Just two years ago, the Federal government caught the attention of the government IT provider and user communities with a “Cloud First” mandate. If the response to this Federal initiative has been variable, it’s been only by degree, because there is clearly a strong gravitational pull to the cloud for Federal agencies, and that will only increase.

Of all the Federal agencies that require a high-fidelity IT platform for storage, security, and computing, those whose missions are public safety and law enforcement have some of the most stringent requirements. At the Federal level, the landscape is highly distributed across all 50 states, with collection and consumption of vast amounts of data. Not only is there a general need for Federal records to be highly secure, available, and searchable, but those records must often be compartmentalized in idiosyncratic ways.

Read this special report to learn how Nutanix Enterprise Cloud has improved end-user satisfaction by enabling superior application performance, while cutting IT costs dramatically.

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