The Real Costs of Building vs. Buying Data Analytics Capabilities

Companies that leverage big data analytics outperform their competitors by 20% or more and big data can help businesses realize a potential increase of 60% operating margins. But what’s the best way to efficiently add these capabilities? Compare the benefits of building or buying your data analytics solution to determine which option best fits your needs in the new whitepaper from the experts at ViON and IBM.  The paper evaluates all the factors associated with this decision that impact your organization including:

  • Up-front costs associated with design, coding, testing, documentation as well as resource allocation
  • Typical timelines for implementing a solution and an analysis of time-to-value
  • Maintenance costs and considerations to ensure optimal operation after launching your solution

Get this new whitepaper now to understand your options for implementing data analytics capabilities and how you can best support your organization.

Sponsored by: IBM and Vion




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