China, Russia Threats To Drive What Army Keeps & Cuts: Gen. Murray

Breaking Defense: If the Army faces steep cuts in future budgets, it may have to sacrifice some of its top-priority modernization programs,but which ones? “Scenarios matter,” Gen. John “Mike” Murray told me. “Part of how you make those choices, at least from my perspective, is how valuable they are in an operational setting.”

“It’s all about an adversary. It’s all about a specific theater. It’s not capability for capabilities’ sake,” the Army Futures Command chief said in an interview ahead of the AUSA 2020 conference. “We talked about the commonalities between the Russians and the Chinese, [but] depending on which theater you’re talking about, whether that’s a European theater or INDOPACOM [Indo-Pacific Command] theater, different capabilities bring different things to that fight, because it’s a fundamentally different fight on different terrains.”

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